How to use the Point of Single Contact

To Search for a service on the Point of Single Contact

To search for a service listed on the Point of Single Contact website (PSC) please click on the browse by sector link of the left hand side of the PSC. Then click on search by service sector you wish to find information for e.g. Engineering. Alternatively you may search the A-Z index for the list of services listed on the PSC.

Information provided on each service listed

Links to information are provided on the PSC to the relevant competent authority’s website for each service listed. The links on the competent authority’s website contain information on the details of the authorisation procedure and the relevant legislation applicable, and application forms, with general contact details for the competent authority provided. Service providers can use these details to contact the competent authority directly.

The information provided on the PSC is of a general nature. Persons seeking detailed information on a particular service should contact the relevant competent authority directly.

Other information helpful to service providers

The PSC also provides links to information on competent authorities websites to further assist service providers who wish to provide services in Ireland, including the following:

• A list of Government Departments/local government authorities websites in Ireland.

•  Links to some general information on competent authorities websites on starting a business in Ireland, and providing temporary cross border services in Ireland.

For help and assistance and contact details

If you require help and assistance when using the PSC, or wish to contact the PSC, you may contact us below