Commencement Notice for Certain Building Works

The purpose of a Commencement Notice is to notify the relevant building control authority that a person intends to carry out either building works or a material change of use to a building to which the Building Regulations 1997 apply.

When is a commencement notice is required?

  • All works which require planning permission
  • The erection of a building
  • The material alteration or extension to a building
  • A material change of use
  • Works that are in connection with a material alteration to a building.


These requirements are set out in Section 6 of the Building Control Act 1991 (Number 3 of 1991). The process is set out in Part II of the Building Control Regulations 1997 – 2014. Both the Act and the Regulations can be found on

Building Control Management System

A Building Control Management System (BCMS) has been developed by local authorities, with support from the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, which enables the electronic submission of Commencement Notices, Certificates of Compliance on Completion and all ancillary documents associated with these statutory requirements to local authorities.

Information of the Building Control Regulations 1997 – 2014 is available from The Building Standards Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government, Custom House, Dublin 1, Ireland. Tel: +353(0)1 888 2000 Email: Web: 

Further Information

  • Please find additional information in regards to commencement notices and details of the required documentation in the frequently asked questions section of the website.