Environmental Protection Agency (Radiological Protection)

Competent Authority

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the competent authority for radiological protection in Ireland. Any company or individual wishing to use sources of ionising radiation such as in industry, medicine, dentistry, veterinary and education can only do so under licence from the EPA. Users must comply with certain criteria prior to authorisation. 

Procedures for obtaining a licence from the Environmental Protection Agency 

Applicants who are established in Ireland are required to fill out an application form and attach details of the additional information required. These may range from certificates of training to comprehensive specialist assessments of the risk of the practice, the justification for the practice as well as safety procedures. For the more complex application one or a series of meetings is often necessary to complete the authorization process.

Other procedures/formalities service providers have to comply with in order to exercise the service activities may include compliance with planning provisions, compliance with other legislation such as SI No 478 of 2002 (as amended) and compliance with other agencies such as the Health Products Regulatory Authority. Please find link to relevant additional competent authorities below.

Further information

If you are a business established in Ireland looking to use sources of ionising radiation in the provision of a service, you may obtain further information on the EPA’s website in the links below.

Contact details

Please find contact details for the Environmental Protection Agency here.


The above is for general information purposes only. All further queries regarding this information should be directed to the competent authorities listed.