Cross Border Catering Services

The following is for general information purposes only. All further queries regarding this information should be directed to the competent authorities listed below.

Detailed below is an overview of the administrative procedures involved for a caterer established in another EU country, intending to provide catering services in Ireland for a once off special event.

Providing catering services at a once off event

When providing catering services for an once off event, the appropriate official agency to contact is the Environmental Health Office (EHO) of the HSE.

You should contact directly the relevant EHO directly for further information on the procedures required.

Please find links below to relevant information on the procedures required.

Cross border catering services

Serving alcohol at a once off event

If alcohol will be served at the catering event, the event organiser should make an application in advance for an occasional licence to serve alcohol from the relevant District Court where the event is taking place.

An application is made to the District Court to obtain a licence for a special event, by the holder of an existing licence to sell alcohol at a premises.

The application for an occasional licence should indentify the following:

  • The premises to which the licence attaches to 
  • The special event to which the application relates to
  • The unlicensed venue where the event will take place 

The relevant local authority and the Gardaí should be notified in advance of the application.

Where an occasional licence is granted, the sale of alcohol is confined to persons attending the event. The special event may not exceed six days; these days need not be consecutive but must form part of the same special event.

Please find link to further information on an occasional licence.

Occasional licence

Posting of workers

If you are sending staff based in an EU country to work short term in Ireland, it is important to be aware of the procedures regarding the posting of workers.

The competent authority for providing information on posting of workers is the Work Place Relations website.

Please find relevant link below to relevant information on procedures concerning the posting of workers.

Posting of workers

Further information

Please find relevant link below to additional information on the procedures required when providing cross border services in Ireland. (e.g. taxation)

Temporary/Cross Border Services