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Competent Authority

The Bar Council is designated as the Competent Authority for registered lawyers (barristers) from other member states of the European Union wishing to practise in Ireland as a barrister under their home professional title (See Directive 98/5/EC "the Establishment Directive").

Procedure required for qualifying to practice as a Barrister in Ireland

A barrister from another member state of the European Union wishing to practise under his/her home professional title must apply to the Bar Council.

Application is by way of an application form supported by the necessary documentation from the applicant's home Competent Authority.

The relevant documentation must be submitted by the applicant supported by documentation from the applicant’s, home Competent Authority. Such documentation need not be authenticated by a Notary or similar person/body. A copy of the documentation would suffice.

  • Further information on the procedure for qualifying to practice as a Barrister in Ireland, is available in the following link on the Bar Council's website

Qualifying as a Barrister

Contact details

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