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Competent Authority

The Turf Club is the regulatory body for horseracing in Ireland. The Horse and Greyhound Act 2001 sets out its role in relation to the licensing of service providers in the horseracing industry in Ireland. The Turf Club’s responsibility for licensing participants in horseracing in Ireland includes :jockeys, jockeys agents, valets, racehorse trainers, and the licensing of racecourses in Ireland. The Turf Club also has responsibility for the registration of stable staff as they are not licensed. The Turf Club is also responsible for the Registration of Hunter Certs and Handlers for Point to Points.

Horse Racing Ireland is the body in Ireland responsible for the overall administration of Irish horseracing, other than services operated by The Turf Club, as set out in the Horse and Greyhound Racing Act 2001. Under the Irish Horse Racing Industry Act 1994 and the Horse And Greyhound Racing Act 2001, Horse Racing Ireland directly authorises licensed racecourses to hold race meetings. Racecourses are authorised by Horse Racing Ireland every 5 years once they have been licensed by the Turf Club. The service provider has to apply for an authorisation from Horse Racing Ireland.

Licensing Procedures

If you are a service provider in the horseracing industry who is looking to provide services in Ireland, you may obtain further information in the licensing section of the Turf Club and the about us section of the Horse Racing Ireland website in the links below.

Contact details

Please find below the contact details for the Turf Club of Ireland and Horse Racing Ireland in the links below.