The following is for general information purposes only. All further queries regarding this information should be directed to the relevant bodies listed below.

Detailed below is an overview of the administrative procedures involved for a hairdresser established in another EU country, intending to provide services in Ireland.

Procedures for setting up in business as a Hairdresser in Ireland

To set up a hairdressing business in Ireland, it is advisable to have completed a recognised course of study and training. No specific qualification is required and you do not need to apply for a licence to operate a hairdressing salon in this country.

When setting up a hairdressing salon it is important to:

  • Comply with planning permission requirements and be aware of any changes to same.
  • Comply with all health and safety standards/requirements.
  • Meet the needs of all customers/potential customers with disabilities.
  • Comply with Fire Safety regulations and ensure you hold a current Fire Safety Certificate issued by the local authority and the relevant certification that your premises complies with fire safety requirements of the Building Regulations.
  • Arrange correct insurance cover for the premises and business with your insurance broker.
  • Comply with all employment rights legislation.

The IHF are the relevant representative organisation for hairdressers in Ireland. For further information regarding working as a hairdresser, please contact the Irish Hairdressers Federation (IHF).

Employment Legislation

There are approximately 40 pieces of legislation in operation in Ireland which protect employees. These deal with issues such as minimum wage rate, equal pay, hours of work, minimum age of employment, overtime pay, leave – holiday leave, parental leave, sick leave, etc.

Employees working legally in Ireland have the same employment protection as Irish nationals regardless of their nationality. The competent authority for providing information on employment rights is the Workplace Relations.

Further information can be found on our employment rights section.

Health & Safety

As a business owner it is important that you understand your obligations regarding compliance with workplace health and safety in your business. The Health & Safety Authority can provide you with assistance through their “Taking Care of Business programme and also their Be-Smart free online guide  can help you set your own Safety Statement.


Providing cross border services as a Hairdresser in Ireland

The following is intended to be of assistance for hairdressers established in another EU country, but intending to work in Ireland on a short term/temporary basis.

To provide services specialising in hairdressing, it would be advisable to have already completed a recognised course of study and have obtained the relevant training and experience required to provide this service.

Posting of workers

If sending staff based in an EU country to work short term in Ireland, it is important to be aware of the procedures regarding the posting of workers.

The competent authority for providing information on posting of workers is the Workplace Relations website. 

Please find relevant link below to information on the posting of workers

Posting of workers

Further information

Please find relevant links below to additional information on the procedures required when providing cross border services in Ireland.(e.g taxation).

Temporary/Cross Border Services