Registration of Designated Healthcare Centres

Competent authority

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), is competent authority for the registration of designated healthcare centres, including nursing homes.

Registration is for three years after which time registered providers must renew the registration of their designated centres.

All designated centres for older people, including all public, private and voluntary centres must be registered with HIQA. Services are only allowed to operate if they are registered and are inspected regularly to ensure they maintain a high level of care.

Steps of the procedure

You can apply to register or renew registration of a nursing home by completing a registration pack and posting your complete pack to the HIQA Registration Office.

Details of how to complete this registration pack are available from the HIQA website.

The following essential criteria will be neededto make your application:

  • Floor plans
  • Statement of purpose

Floor plans

You will be required to send floor plans of the designated centre as it exists - this means a set of drawings to scale that reflect the specifications of the designated centre and show the exact dimensions and location of all elements of the designated centre. You are not required to have the floor plans drawn up by an architect, however:

  • Floor plans must be clear and legible
  • You must outline on the floor plans in:


- Red colour all parts of the designated centre

- Blue colour all overnight accommodation (bedrooms)

If your designated centre is made up of more than one building you should:

  • send  a set of floor plans as built to scale for each building
  • state the centre’s ID (OSV) number on each set of floor plans
  • include the address of the building on each set of floor plans —so that the floor plans can be matched with the relevant building section in the application form.


If you have submitted floor plans with a previous application andthere has been no change to the dimensions and location of all elements of the designated centre on the floor plans previously submitted, HIQA will accept a declaration in writing stating there has been no change.

Statement of purpose

You must submit a copy of the designated centre’s statement of purpose. This document should clearly state:

  • the nameof the designated centre 
  •  the date of the document


This is an important document that sets out information about the centre including the types of service provided, the resident profile, the ethos and governance arrangements and the staffing arrangements.

Further information on the registration process can be found in the Registration, renewal and variation application handbook.

Applicable fees and method of payment

An application fee is required to make a valid application. Section 48 of the Health Act 2007 states that an application to register or renew registration of a designated centre must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

  • The prescribed fee to accompany an application to register or renew registration is €500 in line with:

- Regulation 4(3) of the registration regulations for older people (DCOP)

- Regulation 5(4) of the registration regulations for persons with disabilities (DCD)

  • HIQA will be unable to process your registration pack if the fee payment has not been received at the time of processing.


How do I pay the application fee?

As a public sector body, HIQA can only accept electronic payments. If you send payment by cheque, it will be returned to you. As a provider, you have the option of using your bank’s online banking facility to arrange payment or alternatively, you can call into your bank branch to complete the bank transfer over the counter.

Details of the bank account to which payments should be made can be found in the Registration, renewal and variation application handbook.

Estimated length of the procedure and deadlines

If you plan to open a new designated centre, it is recommend you to send a completed registration pack at least six months in advance of your proposed date of operation.

If your designated centre is currently on the Section 69 Register, HIQA will contact you when the designated centre is due to be registered and you will then be required to complete a registration pack.

Languages in which the procedure can be carried out

At present HIQA forms are available in English only.

Contact Details

Contact Details for HIQA vary depending on the query, Contact details for each section can be found here.