Áitreabh a bhunú

When deciding to establish a physical business premises in Ireland you should contact your local authority. They will be best placed to answer all queries in relation to establishing a place of business in Ireland.

Service providers in Ireland are required to comply with all relevant building and planning regulations for their premises

If you intend to work from home, you may also need Planning Permission. One instance would be if you were using one or more rooms in your home for business purposes – in which case, you would need to apply for a partial change of use from domestic to commercial purpose. If you were to build a shed, you would probably need planning permission. Your Local Authority will be able to advise on planning matters.


Rates are a commercial charge levied by Local Authorities on the occupiers of commercial and industrial property. Local Authorities collect rates based on property valuations.

Prior to buying or leasing a property, you should check that all previous charges on the property have been paid or you may be liable for the outstanding amount.

Trade Effluent

Trade effluent is any liquid waste (other than domestic wastewater and storm water) that is discharged from a business premises to the public sewers. Trade effluent may contain materials such as fats, oils and grease, chemicals, detergents, heavy metal rinses or food waste. Under Section 16 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act 1977 (as amended), an individual or business may not discharge a trade effluent to the sewer except in accordance with a licence issued under these regulations.

To discharge trade effluent to the sewer, you must apply for a Trade Effluent Discharge to Sewer Licence.

Trade Effluent: Link to Application

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Planning and Building requirements.

Companies Registration Office.

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Ireland has 33 local City and County Councils.

For contact details of your local council, please click here.