Providing Architectural Services in Ireland

The following is for general information purposes only.  All further queries regarding this information should be directed to the competent authority listed below.

Competent Authority

The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) is the Competent Authority for Architects (Building Control Act 2007).

To use the title architect in Ireland you must be included on the statutory Register for Architects. Admission to the register requires compliance with the provisions of the Building Control Act 2007, which transposes the Professional Qualifications Directive (2005/36/EC). 

The RIAI is based in Dublin, at 8 Merrion Square Dublin 2, and in addition to being the registration body and Competent Authority, the RIAI is the professional body for architects in Ireland. The register is published on the RIAI's website at Register of Architects

Application for recognition as an Architect, when setting up in business in Ireland (Establishment)

Comprehensive information is provided on the relevant procedures below:

EU/EEA nationals seeking establishment as an architect in Ireland who have a recognised qualification in Architecture from an EU/EEA Member State meeting the requirements of Directive 2005/36/EC for automatic recognition,  can apply directly to the RIAI for recognition under Route D1 using the information and forms provided in the admissions area at .

EU/EEA nationals who may be eligible under the General System (Chapter 1 Title III of Directive 2005/36/EC) should apply under Route D2 which can be found on the RIAI's website at Admissions.

Information on fees and documentation to be submitted

The charge for making an application under Route D1 (i.e. excluding the annual charge) at time of writing is €145. 

This process involves confirmation of eligibility to register in the basis of the Directive and requires the following (please see application package for details).     

  • Copy of Passport/National ID as Evidence of Identity ·        
  • Copy of Degree/Diploma or equivalent Qualification in Architecture ·        
  • Verification of Qualification in Architecture Form to be sent directly by the awarding body to the RIAI·        
  • Statement from the Competent Authority in the State in which the qualification was gained confirming that the qualification
  • satisfies the requirements of Directive 2005/36/EC and is listed in the relevant Annex of that Directive ·        
  • Certificate accompanying the evidence of formal Qualification in Architecture as required under Directive 2005/36/EC (if
  • applicable)         
  • Evidence of Language Proficiency (see application package for details)         
  • RIAI Payment Form and Assessment Fee

Completing registration procedures online

Documents which are not required in the original format can be submitted online via email to the RIAI.

Verifications from educational institutions and Competent Authorities may be provided online, once they are issued directly to the RIAI by the provider in question. Payments may be made online.

Time taken for Response by the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland

The Statutory Board of the RIAI with decision making powers with regard to Admission to the Register (the Admissions Board), meets monthly.

Once applications have been satisfactorily completed at least a week in advance of a meeting of the Board, they will be forwarded for decision to that meeting. The schedule of Board meetings is available from

Relevant legislation applicable

The requirement for Architects to register with the relevant competent authority ( the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland), when providing services based in Ireland is set out in the following Irish legislation:

 Building Control Act, 2007

Contact details

Queries may be addressed to the RIAI admissions office at the following contact details:, or by calling +353 1 6761703