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Competent Authority

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) is Ireland’s independent energy regulator with a wide range of economic, safety and customer protection responsibilities in energy.

The CER’s economic responsibilities are to regulate the Irish electricity and natural gas sectors covering generation, networks and supply activities. The overall aim of the CER’s economic role is to protect the interests of energy customers, maintain the country’s security of supply and promote competition in the generation/supply of electricity and supply of natural gas. The CER also has an important related function in customer protection, by resolving complaints that customers have with energy companies.

Licensing Procedures

The CER is required under Irish law to licence electricity generators/suppliers and gas suppliers/shippers. With the exception of certain small players, service providers of electricity and gas in Ireland must apply to the CER for a licence. If a licence is granted, as applicable the licence holder must sign up to and abide by the rules of the trading and settlement code (TSC) for electricity or the code of operations in gas.

The CER’s energy safety responsibilities have expanded significantly in recent years, with the core focus being to protect lives and property across a range of energy sectors. This includes safety regulation of electrical contractors, gas and LPG installers and gas pipelines. The CER is also developing policy in its recently appointed role as the new safety regulator of upstream petroleum safety activities, including off-shore gas and oil.

The relevant competent authorities in Ireland in the case of the related procedures/formalities are local authorities, An Bord Pleanala, EirGrid or ESB Networks (the licensed operators of the transmission and distribution systems respectively), Gaslink (the licensed gas network operator), the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, and the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government. EirGrid, ESB Networks and Gaslink are relevant for obtaining access to the electricity and gas networks.

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Further information

If you are a potential electricity/gas services provider who is looking to provide services in Ireland, you may obtain further information on the CER website, for example in the electricity licences section, electricity generation section and gas licences section in the links below.

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