Tourist Accommodation

The following is for general information purposes only. All further queries regarding this information should be directed to the competent authorities listed below.

Competent Authority

Fáilte Ireland is the body responsible for ensuring that accommodation standards meet visitor needs. It carries out this function under the National Tourist Development Authority Act (2003) by setting the requirements for the various categories of accommodation and through processes for the regular monitoring of the standards in hotels and all other forms of approved accommodation. It is also responsible for the appeals mechanism used for cancellations and the refusal of applications for initial registration.

The quality & standards responsibilities of Fáilte Ireland cover accommodation legislation, monitoring of product quality and customer relations and in particular the management of appointed sub-contractors for the inspection, registration and approval of various accommodation categories.

Fáilte Ireland has sub-contracted its accommodation registration assessment and classification functions covering hotels, guesthouses and other categories of registered accommodation to SouthWestern.  Fáilte Ireland has also appointed SouthWestern for the purpose of applying Fáilte Ireland standards in the approval of bed & breakfast and certain non accommodation sectors. 

If you are looking to provide tourist accommodation services in Ireland, you may obtain further information from the Failte Ireland website in the link below.

Quality and Standards

Other procedures required

Other procedures a provider of tourist accomodation services may have to comply with include the following:

  • Planning legislation, firesafety, and and local building regulations
  • Food legislation
  • Health and Safety

The relevant competent authorities dealing with those areas are :

Please find relevant links below which provide general information on the procedures required for the areas listed above:

Further information

Please find relevant link to additional information for doing business in Ireland on the Business Life Cycle Table (e.g. taxation).

The following competent authorities websites also provide general information relevant to tourist accomodation in Ireland.

Contact details

Please find contact details for Failte Ireland in the link below.

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