Youth Hostels

The following is for general information purposes only. All further queries regarding this information should be directed to the competent authorities listed below.

Procedures required for operating Youth Hostels

It is a requirement under the Tourist Traffic Acts 1939-2003, that all Youth Hostels must be registered with Fáilte Ireland and comply with a set of criteria for the classification concerned. This system requires all Youth Hostels to meet a minimum set of requirements in order to be approved and registered with Fáilte Ireland. At present, in order to become registered as a youth hostel, your business must be under the direct management and control of a non-profit organisation or association whose primary object is the provision and management of youth hostels.

There should be space for a minimum of 20 guests, and the premises must contain sleeping, dining and lounge accommodation, as well a toilet, bathing facilities and either a serviced or self catering kitchen.

Please find link below to Fáilte Ireland’s website.

Failte Ireland

If you are a service provider looking to provide youth hostel services in Ireland, you may obtain further information and relevant contact details from the Failte Ireland website in the links below.

Youth Hostels

Other procedures required

Other procedures providers of youth hostel accomodation services may have to comply with include the following:

  • Planning legislation, firesafety, and and local building regulations
  • Food legislation
  • Health and Safety

The relevant competent authorities dealing with those areas are :

Please find relevant links below which provide general information on the procedures required for the areas listed above:

Further information

The following competent authorities websites also provide general information relevant to operating youth hostels in Ireland.