Registering a business

Procedures for registering your business in Ireland

Where a company or individual is trading in Ireland under anything other than their own natural name, they must register with The Companies Registration Office.

Registration can take the form of a business name, company, or, where a company has already been incorporated in another country, a branch.

The company / individual themselves must decide how they want to register.

However they decide to register, they must have a place of business in Ireland before their application can be accepted by The Companies Registration Office.  

Registering a Company

For registering a company the following forms must be submitted to the Companies Registration Office.

  • A Form A1 / 'Application to incorporate a company' has to be completed by post or online at CORE.
  • The application must be accompanied by the appropriate supporting documents as listed within the application.

More information on registering a company (including the different types of companies), registration methods and the relevant forms is available in the links below on the Companies Registration Office


Registering a Foreign Company (External Company)

Any company which is incorporated outside Ireland and establishes a Branch in the State must be registered with the Companies Registration Office within 30 days of the establishment of the branch within the State.

Documents and applications to be submitted depend on the nature and origin of the company. More information can be found on at the CRO website and also through their additional information.

Response time frame by the Companies Registration Office

Registration of Business Name

It normally takes three weeks from the receipt of the paper form/signature page in the Companies Registration Office for the registration of a business name and the issue of the certificate

Registering a Company

There are three different registration methods,

  • Ordinary: in practice it takes 15 working days.
  • Fé Phráinn: ten working days
  • Online A1: five working days

Please click here for more information from the Companies Registration Office

Relevant legislation applicable

Please find links to relevant legislation applicable for registering a business on the Companies Registration Office website.

Relevant legislation

Contact the Companies Registration Office

The CRO can be contacted by the following methods:


Telephone: +353 1 804 5200

Fax: +353 1 804 5222

Further contact details can be found on the CRO contact us page.