Relevant Documentation

The following is provided for information purposes on relevant documentation required for veterinary surgeons intending to register to obtain a licence to practise veterinary medicine and/or open a veterinary practice in Ireland.

The competent authority for veterinary surgeons in Ireland is the Veterinary Council of Ireland. It is a legal requirement and, therefore, essential that you register with the Veterinary Council prior to engaging in any type of veterinary work in Ireland.

The Veterinary Council of Ireland should be contacted directly for all queries in relation to relevant documentation required for veterinary surgeons intending to register to obtain a licence.

Relevant documentation required

A. Registering to obtain a Licence to practise veterinary medicine in Ireland

You may initially apply for registration by creating and logging into an online registration account. However, unless you have graduated in Ireland, in order to continue the registration process you will need to supply certified copies (and original English translations) of the requested documents and these must be sent to the VCI offices by post.

A veterinary surgeon seeking to register with the Veterinary Council of Ireland must submit the following documentation by post prior to attending at the Council offices by prior appointment to complete the registration process and obtain their individual Licence to Practice.

1. Original certified copy of qualifications which entitles them to be registered with the competent authority in the Member State of origin or the Member State from which they come;

2. Original certified copy of full results per subject for final year of veterinary studies;

3. Certified copy of the ID page of passport.

4. In addition, you will also need to arrange that the Competent Regulatory Authority that you are currently registered with issues the Registrar of the Veterinary Council with a Letter of Good Professional Standing on your behalf.

Since 17 January 2017 as part of the application process a pre-registration declaration is required in respect of a language assessment process, which applies to applicants who studied veterinary medicine outside of Ireland or the United Kingdom.

Your completed application will be reviewed and if everything is in order you will need to attend a registration appointment in person. The fee for veterinary practitioners is dependent on the time of registering – please view the Veterinary Council Fees for 2018.

B. Opening a veterinary premises

A veterinary surgeon who is seeking to open a veterinary premises in Ireland must first be registered with the Veterinary Council and obtain their licence to practise.

In accordance with Part 9 of the Veterinary Practice Act 2005 the Veterinary Council has introduced a mandatory Premises Accreditation Scheme (PAS). There are four separate classifications of premises:

  • Registered Veterinary Practice (RVP)
  • Registered Veterinary Clinic (RVC)
  • Registered Veterinary Hospital (RVH) - Companion Animal (CA) Equine (EQ) Food Animal (FA)
  • Registered Mobile Veterinary Unit (RMVU)

Relevant forms relating to the scheme are available in the Registrants' section of Veterinary Council website. You must be registered for access to apply.

How to submit documentation

Initial documents can be scanned and sent electronically to the Veterinary Council of Ireland.

The competent authority, the Veterinary Council of Ireland requires original certified copies of all documentation to be submitted by veterinary surgeons prior to attending the Council offices to register. Original documentation must be presented when the applicant attends for their registration appointment with the Registrar.